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SKU Title Product Price Description
PATTERNS-31 Animal Tuffets $34.00

Why stop with just one animal tuffet ... make all three!  We've found that there are all kinds of "pig people", "giraffe people" and "cat people"!  These tuffets are sure to make you smile and if you give them as a gift, you'll be rewarded with lots of squeels, hugs and kisses, the kids just love them.

PATTERNS-30 Tango the Leopard Tuffet $16.00

Tango is the sweetest of cats. Personalities will change depending on your choice of animal print, or faux fur. Tango was made with an animal Snuggle print so she's so very soft. Her ears have the faux fur on the inside. Whether you're a cat person or a dog person, Tango will steal your heart.

PATTERNS-29 Rosie the Pig Tuffet $16.00

Rosie is a traditional stripped tuffet with the addition of an adorable face and curly tail.  She's an attention "hog" tho ... everybody just loves her and will just make you smile.

PATTERNS-28 GiGi the Giraffe Tuffet Pattern $16.00

GiGi the Giraffe is a whole panel tuffet, which means it's a snap to put together. We've written the simplest version we could come up with for making the head, neck and tail to make it as easy as possible to put it all together.  This is so fun for the kids and grown-ups too!.

PATTERNS-25 An Apple A Day $10.00

This is our September Wall Quilt, reminding you to stay healthy!

Supply List:

Sky / Blue fabric                   Fat Quarter (or 13” x 21”)

Table Fabric                          Fat Quarter (or 16” x 21”)

Basket Weave Fabric           16 strips 2 ½” wide x 11” long

Brown (inside basket)          Fat Quarter (or scraps from your Stash)

Red (Apples)                         4 to 5 different red fat quarters (or scraps from your stash)

Red (Easel)                           5” x 6½“

Red (Apple backs)                1 Fat Quarter

Chalkboard fabric                3½” x 5”

Binding fabric                       1/3 yard

Soft & Stable or batting       26” x 23”

Green Wool Felt (leaves)    8” square

Muslin                                   1/3 yard

1/8” brown satin ribbon (apple stems)


The Wedge Ruler


PATTERNS-27 Summer Wedges $22.00

Get all three of the Summer Wedge series for the price of two.

July:  Sail Away (20” x 16”)

1/3 yard muslin for 3 wedge panels

24 strips 2 ½” X 12” for Sails

Sky Fabric – ½ yard

Top Sky – light blue – Fat Quarter

Ocean (medium blue – watery) – 22” x 4 ½”

Boats – red – cut 6 red boats 6 ½” X 2 ¼”

Masts – navy blue – 1 ¼” X 2” – Cut 3

Small square of red or navy blue wool felt for pennant flags

Backing, Soft & Stable or Batting and Binding

Use Embellishments as desired such as seagull buttons

August:  Beach Retreat (19” x 20”)

1/3 yard Muslin for 3 Wedge panels

Sky (light blue) – 20” wide by 9” high

Ocean (medium/dark blue) – 20” wide by 8” high

Beach (sandy tan) – 20” wide by 8” high

Sun – variety of yellow fabric strips 2 ½” x 12” for single width or 3 ½” x 11” for double width (enough strips to cover 2 foundation panels consisting of 4-8 strips per panel)

Umbrella – 3 strips 3 ½” x 11”; 2 strips 2 ½” x 11”;

4” piece of ¼” dark blue ribbon

5” square of brown for the chair

3” x 5” fabric for towel

Backing, Soft & Stable or Batting and Binding

¼ yard paper backed fusible web

 Use Embellishments as desired such as seagulls and beach toys

September:  An Apple A Day (19” x 21”)

1/3 yard Muslin for 2 Wedge Panels

Sky / Blue fabric                  Fat Quarter (or 13” x 21”)

Table Fabric                         Fat Quarter (or 16” x 21”)

Basket Weave Fabric          16 strips 2 ½” wide x 11” long

Brown (inside basket)        Fat Quarter

Red (Apples)                       4 to 5 different red fabrics (FQ’s or stash)

Red (Easel)                         5” x 6½“

Red (Apple backs)               1 Fat Quarter

Chalkboard fabric               3½” x 5”

Binding fabric                      1/3 yard

Soft & Stable or batting       26” x 23”

Green Wool Felt (leaves)   8” square

1/8” brown satin ribbon (apple stems)


The Wedge Ruler is used in all 3 patterns

PATTERNS-24 The Wedge Table Mats $10.00

Table mats are used every day, in every way. Whether to add just a splash of color and elegance or to protect the table, one can never have too many! Using our Wedge Ruler make and design the never ending possibilities.

PATTERNS-22 A Tuffet Quilt $10.00

36" x 48"

A fun and whimsical wall hanging. If you're not into furniture making but love the whimsy of the tuffet, you can always hang one on the wall!

PATTERNS-23 Jaffe the Giraffe $10.00

15" x 18"

Here's a quick and easy to make art quilt using fused applique. This pattern teaches you the technique to use for turning any photo into an art quilt. Start small and let your imagination grow.

PATTERNS-20 Sail Away $10.00

Sail Away is how we celebrate July in our wall quilt of the month.  It is quick and easy to make using our Wedge Ruler, measures 20" x 16".

PATTERNS-21 Beach Retreat $10.00

If you are longing for some beach time but it's too far away, just make your own. Quick and easy to make Beach Retreat is a wall quilt measuring 19" x 20" that is created for August ... or anytime you just need to imagine the warmth of the sun.  

PATTERNS-19 Autumn Wedges $22.00

The Autumn Wedges pattern combines all three patterns of the season into one. Get three patterns for the price of two!

Witches' Witch, October, measures 20" x 19"

Turkey Feathers, November, measures 20" x 21"

Believe, December, measures 21" x 19"

PATTERNS-18 Believe $10.00

Do you Believe? It's that magical time of year. December's wall quilt measures 21" x 19" and you can decorate for the holidays all in one little quilt. Fun is in the embellishments! 

PATTERNS-17 Turkey Feathers $10.00

Turkey Feathers for November! This wall quilt measures 20" x 21". Make great use of those landscape fabrics and set the scene!

PATTERNS-16 Witches' Witch $10.00

This wall quilt is designed for the month of October and measures 20" x 19". The season is changing, the wind has shifted, pumpkins are ready for pickin' and our witch is out for a test flight. This fun and whimsical wall quilt is made using the Wedge Ruler; just add your imagination and get batty!

PATTERNS-14 Stained Glass Quilt Pattern $10.00

Make a gorgeous Stained Glass Quilt with this fun pattern.

PATTERNS-5 Day and Night Folio $14.00

A wonderful tote to carry all your quilting needs. Large zippered pocket big enough for a cutting mat and ironing pad. Also includes a built-in design wall.

PATTERNS-12 Water Lily Wool Candle Mat Pattern $8.00

Complete instructions for making a Water Lily Candle Mat. 3-D!

PATTERNS-15 Poinsettia Wool Candle Mat Pattern $8.00

Complete instructions for making a Poinsettia Candle Mat.

PATTERNS-7 Pillow Talk Patterns $16.00

We're talkin' pillows! This pattern includes instructions for 3 different pillows but the variations and possibilities are endless.

PATTERNS-6 Not So Tuff Tuffet Pattern $16.00

The Tuffet Pattern is very detailed in every step to help you successfully make your Tuffet!